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The Ellis Park factor could be huge in the competition finale.

It's interesting they've taken the fixture from Soweto, which generates more revenue, to a smaller stadium where they've had success against the All Blacks.

This creates a wall of noise when the home team scores that appears to shake the stadium to its core, and the claustrophobic, suffocating streets that surround the ground also contribute to the sense that the away fan is most definitely behind enemy lines.

Few stadiums can boast a greater history than this imposing Montevideo megalith.

One man who has sampled both sides of The Shed’s unique place in rugby folklore is Gloucester second row James Hudson, who joined the Cherry and Whites from West Country rivals Bath.

Hudson told the During my first handful of games for Bath I remember going to Kingsholm in a game we won.

I had never played in anything close to that, it was a massive, passionate atmosphere.

I remember warming up right in front of the Shed and but it was just brilliant and added to the energy.

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If you can turn your ground into a bear pit, it not only galvanizes the home players but will go a long way to unsettling the visiting side as well. With two stands now redeveloped, the stadium has lost none of its edge.The anthem went ahead, but it was clear from the first whistle that Ireland, on this of all days, would not give England in inch. Such qualities are forged over years, decades even. Splashing around in the second tier of French rugby until around 2005, the millions of owner Mourad Boudjellal has propelled them to Heineken Cup glory in a short space of time. Sale faced Munster at Thomond Park in the final group match three years ago.They arrived as the pool leaders but left knocked out of the tournament after being blown away by a combination of the fervour generated by the crowd and the ferocity of Munster from the first minute to the last."There seems to be a perception that Thomond Park is not as intimidating for visiting sides as it was, but I do not go along with that," said [Munster hooker] Jerry Flannery.They're different beasts when they run on to Ellis Park. At the time of writing, Clermont Auvergne have won 76 matches at their Massif Central home.It has almost reached the point where visiting teams are resigned to their fate before they set foot off the bus.

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