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The subject of long-running public curiosity, the question occasionally pops back into the foreground, as with a widely-retweeted image earlier this year (top), and footage of the candidate in Florida this week.

During the 19th century, Mormon converts tended to gather to a central geographic location, and between 18 a minority of Mormons openly practiced plural marriage, a form of religious polygamy.Generally, wearing them takes some adjustment at first, but most Mormons report quickly growing accustomed to them.(Out of respect to Latter-day Saints, we are not posting photos of the garments here.) How often are they worn? Garment-wearing Mormons tend to own several pairs, and wear them on a daily basis in lieu of regular underwear.Mormons begin wearing garments when they "go through the temple" for the first time--a spiritual rite of passage that typically coincides with leaving to serve a mission, or getting married. Because wearing them is a personal choice, it's impossible to know for sure if that familiar (to Mormons) neckline in the Romney photo is actually attached to a temple garment.But as a lifelong member of the church who served a mission, married his wife in the temple, and continues to be active in his religion, it would stand to reason that Romney is still a garment-wearer. Garments today come in two pieces--a white undershirt, and white boxer brief-style shorts--and they contain small symbols meant to remind Mormons of the covenants they've made in the temple.

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