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However, the most distinctive quality of metrosexuals—as per public perception—is their predisposition toward vanity.

Vanity that is often seen in their tasteful clothing choices and hours spent making themselves look good.

Expect him to look his best at any time, any day of the year.

Dressing appropriately is one of metrosexual men’s best assets, as they know when to tune down to casual or go full blast with their secret gala night threads. Metrosexuals are not the type to sit on the couch all day, guzzling beer and chomping on leftover pizza.

Keep these things in mind when you live with a metrosexual, or decide to move in with him. A normal guy might only have his deodorant, shaving cream, and aftershave occupying his tiny portion of the bathroom counter—meaning you get to hog the rest of the space with all your beauty products.

Living with a metrosexual man, however, is like reliving the scenes of your college dorm bathroom.

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He could even influence you to do the same and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Metrosexual guy in the house If you think you’ve got men figured out, you might be surprised to discover that the average beer-guzzling, NFL-watching man is much different at home than your Ken-doll metro guy.

While he is real eye candy, and the perfect man to drag to high-profile social gatherings, keeping up with the metrosexual lifestyle requires a lot of effort from him, and results in a few domestic quirks.

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