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To the relief of doctors, syphilis hasn't developed immunity to antibiotics, and penicillin easily wipes out the disease in its early stages.

The number of cases nationwide – 6,862 in 2002 – remains very small, far from the peak of 106,000 in 1947.

(Watered-down equal-time rules continue to apply to broadcast TV and radio stations, but only because they use airwaves licensed from the government.)Tobin added that websites don't have a legal responsibility to monitor their chat rooms, just as owners of old-fashioned bulletin boards aren't responsible for posted notices."For the most part, the provider is often seen as just the pipe," said Mark Grossman, a technology attorney in Miami.

They've been butting heads for more than two years, ever since researchers began detecting increases in syphilis cases nationwide.

"That's not how our advertising delivery system works."AOL also wants to protect privacy, Weinstein said.

"I don't think any of our members would want to track who goes into what chat room."These arguments don't impress Deb Levine, executive director of the San Francisco-based Internet Sexuality Information Services, a nonprofit organization that provides safer-sex materials to websites.

Many with names like "delawarem4m2" and "tampam4m3" reached the maximum of 36 members each, while solo members waited for drop-ins at "Waynsboro VA M4M" and "Sandusky m4Fun."According to a report released last month, 44 percent of recently diagnosed syphilis cases in San Francisco were linked to the Internet, compared with just 13 percent in 2000.

No one knows if chat rooms are contributing to the AIDS epidemic because it can take months or years for people to realize they're infected, but many men diagnosed with syphilis are HIV-positive.

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