Master and slave chatting sites

Master: It's very deep in the forest and yes you do.

I don't want blood over your clothes Slave: Now I'm terrified!

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Hopefully you will be ok though Slave: ok, I promise sir. I will get into trouble if I don't do it at this stage Slave: What do u mean? No one will find us Slave: Sir, do I have to be naked!

Yes you are my slave but I need to be serving me not stuck in hospital. Master: We won't get caught Slave: I'm not leavin my apartment.

I wish I could f*** you on my lunch break Slave: How do we do that master Master: You need to get out of hospital and serve me Later that day Slave: Sir, please stop. Can't we just have a normal m/s relationship without this please sir. U will have to drag me out Master: You will do what you are f***ing told. Slave: No offence sir, but do we have to do it in rain. Master: Don't worry, it's never as bad as u think it's going to be.

Slave: Well tonite and the talk about killin and stuff but at the mo mainly tonite I'm scared Slave: Did you know sir that I'm scared of u. Master: Yes Slave: Please don't mention killin 4 a while until I settle back to life.

U have this hold over me that terrifies me Master: That's good for you to feel owned and that your life is in my hands every time you submit to me. Please sir Master: But tonight's punishment will be like me pretending to do someone for real ok? Master: well done im delighted Slave: any instructions sir Master: Have a bath, make sure c*** shaved, no underwear not even a bra.

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