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Merci les demandeurs de sexes et playeurs bonne route. je souhaite faire connaissance et trouver un homme serieux pour la vie .

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On the wildlife front, I think the spitting cobra trumped even the komodo dragons! It covered a large area of the country and allowed us to experience a number of different environments. Be flexible from the itinerary, as this is more of a guideline than fact.

2019: 5 Sep, 3 Oct, 5 Oct, 10 Oct, 19 Oct, 24 Oct, 2 Nov2020: 19 Mar, 4 Apr, 28 May, 6 Jun, 16 Jun, 25 Jun, 4 Jul, 14 Jul, 23 Jul, 1 Aug, 11 Aug, 27 Aug, 5 Sep, 15 Sep, 24 Sep, 3 Oct, 13 Oct, 22 Oct, 31 Oct, 5 Nov, 14 Nov2021: 11 Mar, 27 Mar, 13 Apr, 29 Apr I found the Avenue of the Boababs to be the most memorable part of this trip. I was happy to find that everywhere we went there were local guides involved in our excursions around the national parks. Really enjoyed planting a tree at the Lemur project- a step towards helping with deforestation. Chameleons and birds: Without the guides we doubt we would have seen so many but the number and variety was astonishing.

The sheer size and age of them is very breathtaking and I could have just stood there for hours, I'm glad we got to go once at sunrise and once at sunset. The walk around Isalo with our fantastic guide Ronald. The parks are generally well maintained with good pathways and ambitious... Watching a young Aye Aye come down from the canopy to eat on a night walk was the most memorable. Bring plenty of wallets to split your local cash- due to the exchange you will be carrying great wads. Whale watching and snorkeling with the turtles and Angle Fish camping on the riverside and the meal prepared that night after the canoe trip. Every day seemed very different from the scenery the day before. Be open to the sights and views of a country that has its own culture and history.

Spotting lemurs in the forest is certainly memorable but is that any better than the unique rock formations of the Grand Tsingy or the sheer pleasure of watching country life as you drive between reserves? A large incentive for any trip to Madagascar is to view the lemurs Memorable parts? Prepare for more dragging than floating on the canoe trip (May 2017). An amazing experience in a unique country with a few surprises.

Also, carry more local currency than you expect as Euro are rarely accepted and tipping is strongly encouraged.

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