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By continuing to browse on this website, you accept the use of cookies for the above purposes.Sexcamly offers the largest range of free gay chat options anywhere online.Those sentenced to life imprisonment on drugs charges will normally spend the rest of their life in prison with no possibility of parole or pardon. Publicising strongly negative opinions about Egypt or making political comments, including about the President or security forces, can cause trouble with the authorities.In some cases, derogatory comments on social media have led to custodial sentences. There are sensitivities about taking photographs of public buildings or infrastructure.Discover thousands of hot gay men with free gay porn cams on Nude Live.

Public expressions of homosexuality and/or public displays of affection between same-sex couples are likely to attract a high degree of unwelcome attention.

Drinking alcohol in the street and anywhere other than a licensed restaurant or bar is not allowed and can lead to arrest.

Possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs is a serious offence and can, even for small amounts, lead to lengthy prison sentences (25 years), life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Photography of, or near, military official installations is strictly prohibited. British nationals have been arrested for photographing electricity stations, train stations and bridges if you are in any doubt seek permission before taking photographs.

Don’t use radio controlled helicopters or ‘drones’ to take photographs.

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