List the configuration options available for updating the os Milfhookupsites

In rare cases, an update might not be scheduled for the first coming maintenance window.If this happens, the system tries again during the next maintenance window.See Enabling AWS Elastic Beanstalk Enhanced Health Reporting for instructions.Elastic Beanstalk needs permission to initiate a platform update on your behalf.To manually apply the managed update, choose Apply now as explained in Managing Managed Updates on this page.You can enable managed platform updates to apply patch version updates only, or for both minor and patch version updates.Use the Elastic Beanstalk environment management console to enable managed platform updates.

Note If you use configuration files to extend your environment to include additional resources, you might need to add permissions to your environment's service role.For example, a version 2.0.7 platform version has a minor version of 0 and a patch version of 7.Managed platform updates perform immutable environment updates to upgrade your environment to a new platform version.Elastic Beanstalk regularly releases platform updates to provide fixes, software updates and new features.With managed platform updates, you can configure your environment to automatically upgrade to the latest version of a platform during a scheduled maintenance window.

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