Keep dating cheaters

This is why he twists and manipulates the confrontation until you find yourself apologizing for the sole purpose of apologizing even though it was he who cheated! , my ex finally threw his hands up and screamed “Because I didn’t think it was any big deal, that’s why!!!!! I know it hurts, sisters and brothers, and I understand that when we really love someone, the sex becomes a very special connection.

How many of you reading this have apologized….maybe even Once, exasperated at my inability to stop crying as I repeatedly asked “Why? Under normal circumstances, this connection can play a big role in the monogamy of the relationship.

Each and every single time that you are discarded or subjected to a silent treatment, the narcissist is cheating.

He feels completely entitled to do this and this is why he gets soooooo angry when he gets caught or called out on his deceitful behavior.

It wasn’t until I caught the bastard red handed that I had to face the fact and the first time that it happened and it definitely won’t be the last time it ever does.

For the narcissist, he’s happy to lie because that means he gets to still have the great sex while he hunts around for better.

It's a telling statement because what exactly do we think this "kind of person" is? I can also tell you that all sorts of people—straight women, straight men, gay men, and gay women—make this choice.

So, from day one, even though you two have awesome sex together (and he seductively reminds you of this fact on a daily basis), he’s he’s cheating, the narcissist is also busy managing down your expectations of the relationship to the point that he can actually disappear and reappear at will with nary a consequence because you’d much rather have him back – cheater that he is – rather than suffer the anxiety you feel while he’s gone.

And besides, you can’t seem to ever really what he wants you to think and how he wants you to feel and this is how he’s able to get away with it.

Is his/ her the sexual connection really going to be okay with you now that you know the truth?

The fact that a narcissist will cheat no matter how great the sex is between the two of you NEVER CHANGES and you deserve so much more in this life. Decide from this moment forward that you will accept nothing less than the respect that you deserve.

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