Jill scott on interracial dating

I’m just curious what she must think of Bammy’s parents? Just reminds me: Growing up a black family moved in across the street. One boy was married and lived at home with his wife, who was stunning.

These harsh truths lead to what we really feel when we see a seemingly together brother with a Caucasian woman and their children. And yet Jill probably has no problem enthusiastically supporting a fake black man whose ancestors likely sold Jill's own people into slavery. I mean, this girl stopped traffic she was so beautiful.

She was spoiled, revered and angelic, while the Black slave woman was overworked, beaten, raped and farmed out like cattle to be mated. As slavery died for the greater good of America, and the movement for equality sputtered to life, the White woman was on the cover of every American magazine.

She was the dazzling jewel on every movie screen, the glory of every commercial and television show.

Or, for that matter, a seventh century death cult which still does. My brother and his buddies used to positively drool at the window whenever she came out of the house. No, I don’t mean physical appearance, black women can be quite attractive. People find the newness of the change and embrace it.

They weren't married too long and he remarried real quick. I mean look at what the black culture produces as a woman. Jill was on the short end of the stick and like all women they want someone to listen to what is on her mind. Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management.

They go to be bed with someone who does, or doesn't, want children.

My position is that for women of color, this very common "wince" has solely to do with the African story in America.

When our people were enslaved, "Massa" placed his Caucasian woman on a pedestal.

His second wife was a white girl who was SO homely, dumpy and nasty it was incredible. Black women from the urban culture tend to be loud, abrasive, overbearing, and rude. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.

But something in me just knew he didn't marry a sister. My body showed no reaction to my inner pinch, but the sting was there, quiet like a mosquito under a summer dress. Did the reality of his relationship somehow diminish his soul's credibility? One could easily dispel the wince as racist or separatist, but that's not how I was brought up. I was taught that every man should be judged by his deeds and not his color, and I firmly stand where my grandmother left me.

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