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It matters not to me whether she gets married, but what I do wish for her is to find love and support.

My husband and I are best friends and that is what I wish for her.

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The reason for that being that I find most such people extraordinarily tedious, and converse with them as little as possible. If someone here at DU posted an OP inquiring why fewer women were getting married, and someone responded right off the bat with "Not enough men willing to put up with their shit? I have never had to go through with my friends the lies I went through with my husband.They're under a ton of pressure, so methinks the delay in marriage is nothing to do with guys being jerks and women not wanting to put up with them anymore.I know so many good young men (more conscious and kinder than the boomer dudes were at their age) who couldn't get married now if they wanted to.Characteristics of a person that are on full display if a suitor pays attention get missed and that leads to trouble in marriage.It is possible to learn the most about a person in situations where they don't expect to be found out, those situations happen many times during a day or week.

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