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He grew up with influences such as Robert Plant and Steven Tyler, and became a vocalist for many bands in high school and later on.He met Mark Kendall in a concert and began plans to form a band called Dante Fox. Russell's ancestry is English, Irish and Native American.Today, the Jack Russell is a popular companion animal, and is still often used by hunters!The Poodle has a longer history, dating back over 400 years.On March 25, 2011, Russell married his girlfriend Heather Ann Kramer.Fully recovered, he started touring again as "Jack Russell's Great White" in December 2011 to avoid confusion with the still-touring official Great White band which had continued onward in 2009 with a different singer following Russell's departure.

The Poodle’s off-the-charts intelligence, combined with strong swimming skills and an eager to please temperament, made it a perfect retriever.

In 2012 Russell guest starred on VH1 Classics "That Metal Show", where he revealed his side of the Great White story, and how he was feeling well and ready for more.

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