Israeli girls dating arab men

Following the recent lynch-style attack on Palestinian youths in Jerusalem, racist extremists are starting a campaign calling on Arab men to keep out of popular Jerusalem hangouts and avoid dating Jewish girls – for their own good.The new racist poster, written in both Hebrew and Arabic by the extremist Kahana-style NGO “Lehava,” has been circulating in Facebook in recent hours and is gaining hundreds of “likes” and “shares.” The poster, which is aimed at young Palestinian men, comes in the aftermath of the attempted lynch in central Jerusalem, and warns that visiting popular areas in the city, like big malls and the pedestrian area off of Zion Square could lead to more similar attacks.The young women in our program were all housed in a dorm-like setting on Lloyd George Street off of Emek Refaim (now the Little House in the Colony hotel).We were kept apart from the male students, who had their own apartment in the Rehavia neighborhood.Lehava organization [email protected] comments on the picture thread on Facebook show great enthusiasm for the text, and some people have already volunteered to help hang it up around Jerusalem.However, other comments were much more critical, and some have compared its content to Nazi agendas.That it could happen in a public square, watched by dozens of people who did not apparently intervene on his behalf.

You may walk around in your own village freely and find girlfriends there, not here!

At least two mock posters have already been made in response, one translating the text into German and aiming it at Jewish men: Update: The Jerusalem based NGO Ir Amim has filed a complaint to police against Lehava, accusing it in incitement to racism and violence.

In addition, according to the complaint the poster suggests that anyone not abiding to its terms is likely to be physically assaulted, and is thus to be considered an illegal threat.

The poster fits into a growing trend of narrating anti-Arab racism as a means to “protect our daughters” – a form of discourse promoted by politicians and ministers also in relation to African asylum seekers.

The poster reads the following: Dear Arab guy: We don’t want you to get hurt!

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