Is miranda lambert still dating blake shelton

) and will continue to keep his marriage with Miranda in the past. So basically, he’s the human embodiment of this emoji: 😍Miranda and Blake were together for nearly 10 years before divorcing in 2015, and they’ve both taken some subtle swipes at each other since.

"He put Miranda in his rear view mirror long ago," a source told the outlet. Miranda recently released her sassy divorce anthem, “Got My Name Changed Back” with her band Pistol Annies, which they performed at the 2018 CMAs.

"If you look at my i Pod now, there's other things on it, like Coldplay, the Gorillaz and other crap that I've never heard of.

That shows you the power of 'Home,' because most of that stuff, I won't even give it a chance." would go on to win Album of the Year at the 2010 ACM and CMA Awards, while "The House That Built Me"—a song originally written for Shelton but which they decided she was too emotionally connected to to pass up—won Lambert her first Grammy in 2011, for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

The duo were a couple of country music stars, but together they had burst through the confines of genre to become one of the most talked-about celebrity duos anywhere. "Now, if the news and the tweet are related, was he talking about the end of his relationship with Lambert? I've seen this my whole life—affairs, and of all people to know better, I know better than this."The heart wants what it wants, though.

And while they couldn't help but enjoy the boost that their headline-making romance gave to their respective careers, they really did seem like kindred spirits. She and Shelton had been paired up to perform at the CMT 100 Greatest Duets Concert in 2005, and the clip of the two of them singing "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" would go on to cause much swooning in hindsight.. Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage."The details of what ensued next are fuzzy.

Lambert won that Grammy, as well as four ACM Awards and Female Vocalist of the Year, and Shelton was again named Male Vocalist of the Year en route to winning the title for five straight years at the CMA Awards, making them king and queen of the prom. The couple tied the knot at Don Strange Ranch in the bride's home state of Texas in front of more than 500 of their nearest and dearest, including Reba Mc Entire, Dierks Bentley, David and Homer Bellamy, Cee Lo Green, Martina Mc Bride and Charles Kelley."I wanted to be married to Miranda the day I proposed. " Shelton told "I surprised her and flew her down there with a couple friends of ours for three days of absolute crazy fun," Shelton told E! "We got to experience everything: We got drunk, we ate too much, we got seasick one day, we got sunburned, I did a couple shots of salt water that I didn't mean to because the waves were hitting me too hard."And then, bless him, he added, "We did everything you're supposed to do in Mexico, including...

I drank the water and had diarrhea."Which at least made for a natural transition to a question about how much attention he and Lambert received as a couple and how they balanced their private and public lives."I just think it's harder for Miranda and I to pull back," Shelton said.

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With reports swirling that Lambert embarked on a new relationship with musician Evan Felker while she was still with her boyfriend of two years, Anderson East, Shelton raised a little hell yesterday when he tweeted, "Been taking the high road for a long time.. But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Officially, they've insisted they didn't start a relationship until 2006, after Shelton filed for divorce from Kaynette Williams after three years of marriage that February.

She can get so mad at me that she just wants to punch me in the face, and we'll say that's it.

Then, 30 minutes later we're calling each other and acting like it never happened.

I think it's that we're both artists, and if I want to see her or she wants to see me, sometimes it just doesn't work out and it's frustrating."But I think she's somebody that I'm going to have in my life a long time.

She's one of those few people you meet and have a connection with and you don't really fully understand it, but you know it's a pretty big deal."Later that year, Shelton prophetically got his feet wet in the reality-competition department, serving as a judge on But the turmoil caused by their primarily long-distance first year together left its impression, though, and the volatile (or passionate, when you're living through it) nature they spoke of from the earliest days of their relationship becoming a recurring theme for them. But I think we have one of the strongest relationships that I've ever seen.

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