Interracial dating ads

When asked why they made this casting decision, Erich Timmerman, spokesman for Chase, said: “We want our ads to reflect our diverse customer base and to look like the world we live in.”Biracial couples and families are becoming increasingly common in the U.S., so featuring them in advertisements is indeed reflecting a key part of our society.A 2016 report by pregnancy and parenting website Baby Center and market research company You Gov, found 80 percent of the some 2,000 parents surveyed were pleased to see diverse families in ads.And 72 percent of them said “a brand that shares their values is an important factor in their purchasing decisions.” In October, Tide and Calvin Klein released two very different commercials, but both featured a biracial family.While the detergent’s ad showed a white husband with his black wife using Tide PODS to quickly clean their daughter’s laundry before leaving for a trip, Calvin Klein advertised its Eternity fragrance with Jake Gyllenhaal reciting an e.e.cummings poem with model Liya Kebede, who plays his black wife, to their young daughter, played by a 4-year-old called Leila.Personals trying to find people who are looking to date outside their race.

Interracial personals or Interracial personal ads are personal advertisements intended to find romantic partners or friends of other races.The unique part has to do with the actors who play this adoring family: The father is white, the mother is black, and their teenage daughters are biracial.By casting the ad in such a way, Infiniti has joined a growing list of companies selling everything from breakfast cereal to cars to clothing that portray the American family in TV advertisements as more than a single race.It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to make their values clear to customers, explained Reed.The public is no longer simply interested in which product might be slightly better; they also want to feel good about the company’s values.

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