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They can get in the way of your dating life, as they act as a form of guidance for game-playing, rather than allowing you to find love.Here are 10 dating clichés you need to stop believing in, as they are no longer true in your 30s: You’re cute if you think “the one” will randomly sit next to you on an airplane one day when you least expect it.In your twenties, you might have believed that someone’s actions show their true feelings for you.In your 30s, however, you start to become wise to the fact that it’s actually someone’s patterns that show their true feelings.Keep that guard up, and only drop it when someone has proved themselves with time, patterns of goodness, and consistency. Girls tend to fall for this trick, and they therefore place a higher value on an elusive bad boy’s attention. It’s only a matter of time before a woman gets tired of dating jerks, and decides once and for all that she’s not going to date an asshole ever again.In our 30s, we want to date a nice guy who treats us amazingly. Actions speak louder than words, but actions do not speak the loudest.The first sign of bad advice is when someone decides to throw a few predictable dating clichés at you and call it a day.

Although the sentiment of this cliché is nice, it’s simply not sustainable. To love like you’ve never been hurt is the same thing as blindly trusting your new partner. It’s more appropriate to let someone earn your trust than to have blind faith.

As long as you’re attuned to morning after etiquette, you’re fine.

Many people believe that you should stay single until you’re where you want to be in life, you fully love yourself and your career goals have been achieved.

Ignorance, therefore, is certainly not bliss when you’re in your 30s.

When we were younger, we used to be okay staying with someone despite having zero in common with them, as long as we were attracted to them.

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