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Buy a scarf or a jacket made of Assamese silk to make an impression back home.Indian gold markets have evolved over the centuries and are full of jewellery items that combine traditional and modern designs today.Know everything about pearls here Also called as Jutti or Nagra, the Mojari is a stylish footwear from north India, especially worn in the state of Punjab.If you have already bought a traditional Indian attire, match it with a colorful trendy mojari and complete the ethnic look.When you visit India, a riot of colors, smells and sights welcome you.India has the ability to touch you and move you in a whole new way that you never imagined possible.PC: Earings This traditional ornamental Indian Jewellery is a perfect Souvenir for women.Different types of bangles are easily available in different parts of India.

The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and are often woven with gold and silver threads.

Kerala still produces the best whole spices in the world and it will be a shame if you didn’t take some back with you.

Check out list of The Commonly Used Indian Spices What you know as pickles is about to change forever.

Indian pickles are spicy, tangy and sweet all at the same time.

From cucumbers to chicken, there isn’t an edible thing that we haven’t yet pickled.

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