How to stop genius updating

Driver Genius can quickly find and uninstall these useless drivers to free up more system resource to keep your system running smoothly.1.2.6 Live Update: You can easily download the latest version Driver Genius by the Live Update function.3.3 Launch Driver Genius and Find/Update Drivers 3.3.1 Roll back Drivers 3.4 Backup drivers 3.5 Backup drivers in command line 3.6 Restore drivers 3.7 Driver Cleanup 3.8 Live Update 3.9 Hardware Information 3.9.1 Clean Invalid Device 3.9.2 System Transfer Assistant 3.9.3 SSD Speeder 3.9.4 System Booster 3.10 Options 3.10.1 General Options 3.10.2 Backup Options 3.10.3 Restore Options 3.10.4 Update Options 3.10.5 Download Options 3.10.6 Monitoring Chapter Four Frequently Asked Questions 4.1 How to activate your program 4.2 How to install new drivers to your computer 4.3 Driver Genius does not boot up properly. 4.8 I have backed up drivers on Windows vista, can I restore them on Windows 7/8/10?4.4 How can I get back my license code if I lost it? 4.9 I have backed up my drivers to an EXE Auto-Installer on Windows Vista, why I can't execute it?1.2.8 Hardware Monitoring Temperature monitor for CPU, Display card and HDD. Driver Genius can play sound or limit the CPU performance if your computer is overheated.

After a few time the size of those invalid drivers will grow bigger and bigger that can slowdown your system performance significantly.All the drivers we offer are either official or WHQL version ones--you can use them with peace of mind.1.2.2 Roll Back Drivers: Driver Genius can roll back a driver to its previous version independently now.Click [Install] to copy files after your confirmation.The installation program will download the most recent version driver database and main program online when installing Driver Genius Step 7: You can choose [Launch Driver Genius] and select [Finish] to start the program in the [Competing the Driver Genius setup wizard] window after finishing copying files.

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