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Leaving wiggle room for your ex to wonder, "Is it really over? Being vague is not compassionate."If you think your partner is going to be emotional, it's not fair to put them on the spot in public, where it ends up turning into a display in front of other people.It impacts the kind of discussion the two of you are able to have, and can even hinder the emotions that deserve to be expressed in this conversation."Make plans with your partner to talk in a private area where you're both able to express your emotions freely," Lee says.The pain and the healing process may drag on, and your now-ex may continue to contact you — repeatedly.

As soon as you can, have one big conversation without dragging things out.

"By being kind and loving and honoring what you've had, you will have taken the path of personal growth.

Breakups are never going to be easy, no matter who does the breaking up, the pain of loss is inevitable." Sometimes, you have to remind yourself that this is for your own good.

For example, you could say something like, "When you… "Breaking up is uncomfortable for the dumper, but it's far worse for the dumpee," bestselling author and relationship expert Susan Winter tells Bustle.

"The kindest way to break up with someone is to do it cleanly, and with clarity.

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