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On the platform in Nyköping I was approached by a man I faintly recognized. It had been during my hike of 2006, and this man was a treasurer from the town of Uppsala, who’d been hiking with his daughter in 2006.

He told me that his daughter reads my Internet site, and I thought to myself that it was a good omen – or a case of synchronicity – that this treasurer, who didn’t live in my town, but was there on a tax mission, appeared before me just as I was to mount the train north.

A message from Anna that skis and boots could be rented at the Abisko Mountain Station lifted my mental roadblock, though, and I got on the phone at work and rented the stuff right off, and also got my train tickets.

This was 26th January, and the hike would begin on 2nd April, so we still had some tough waiting time.

Then, on 27th December, Anna sent me her story about her hike in Lapland of 2010, and that opened my eyes for what a very special person she was. I could feel, in every nerve of my body, all the nuances of her hike, and the way she said things made me realize how sensitive and intelligent she was, and how quite wonderful a human being, with so much insight into the mystery of man and life.

From that point on I saw her in a quite new, transfigured light.

Anna told me she was planning to go skiing in Lapland in April, and said I’d be welcome along, even if that, I must say, seemed pretty far from reality at the time, since I didn’t have the winter equipment I thought was necessary, like certain clothes, and the particular skis and boots you need for the Lapland winter.

Just two other persons came into the compartment to begin with, an Uzbek guy who lived in Kiruna, and a younger Swedish metal conservator (old archeological and historical weapons etcetera) and motorcycle buff, who was also going to Kiruna, where he worked.The door was loose on its hinges after a hard winter, but it was still possible to close, and inside it was a small vestibule and yet another door, before you got into the small room with it’s benches and the wooden stove – which, however, wasn’t fired up, and besides, there was no wood there, from what I could see.Just the sense of getting inside, out of the wind, was exhilarating, and I found myself in the most happy and silly mood, talking senselessly with the people in there.Here we were, nonetheless, and it felt quite wonderful to get there.A bunch of people were just getting out of there after their break, and we got in.

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