Groupwise sent folder not updating

If you select Yes, your remote data and changes will be synchronized to the master mailbox, causing items to be removed, new messages and message replies to be sent to users, and so on.

The Hit the road process is further described in the section called "Understanding Hit the Road" One of the most noticeable differences between Group Wise running in the standard network mode and Group Wise remote mode is a new menu item called Accounts.

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The same set of program files are used, the screens all look the same, and you access all your information the same way.

When you use Group Wise in online mode, you are working directly with your master mailbox, which is stored on the network.

Don't forget to connect again to actually send the message to the system.

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Also, note that if you send a large file, synchronizing this file with the online mailbox may take several minutes. Busy Search is slightly different if you are in remote mode.

You can then use the Group Wise client to read, delete, and reply to messages in the remote copy (all without ever connecting to the Internet or to the Group Wise system via a modem).

The next time the client is connected to the master mailbox (when you get back to the office), the Group Wise client will prompt you that items are pending in the remote mailbox.

One way to utilize Group Wise's remote mode is to utilize the Hit the Road process at the end of each day.

This way, you can take a copy of your master mailbox out of the office (on a portable computer).

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