Gmail backdating email

"Custom Time" promises the ability to send up to 10 emails a year predated as far back as 2004, marked read or not, as you like, so you can leave a custom trail of false evidence as needed.

Google's example is a backdated "Happy Birthday, Grandma" e-mail, but we can readily imagine more nefarious uses (if there is, in fact, anything more nefarious than lying to your grandmother).

In Notepad , search for the line that starts with You will find the date and time stamp of an email in this format: Abbreviated Weekday, Day of Month, Abbreviated Month, Year, 24-hour Time of receive, Time Zone.

From the time/date information I found in the email itself, it needs to be changed to September 28, 2010, @ pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Bear in mind that like with “Date” and “Received”, you may also have to deal with additional headers depending on which mail client sent the message originally. Can I use this method to modify emails sent by me in the past?So just follow the normal process described above, paying extra attention so that you don’t mistakingly change anything related to the attachment. As long as you use a text editor that’s well suited for this job (again, Notepad to the rescue here), you won’t end up corrupting the email message itself.Notepad edits these email files without corrupting them. You can change anything in the email header that you want.Once modifications are complete, then save the file and exit the text editor.Finally, simply drag the email file from the desktop back into your mail clients’ inbox.

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