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It must also be assumed that all the daughter isotope measured in the rock today formed as a result of decay of the parent.

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Living, well dead, organism can also be radiometrically dated.

This is due to the fact that sedimentary rock is produced through the compaction and cementing of other rock fragments.

Since no part of the lithification process would reset the 'atomic clock' within individual minerals any date measured would represent the time the individual mineral grain crystallized not the time the sedimentary rock was lithified.

Because glauconite incorporates radioactive Potassium 40 into its crystal structure it can be used to date the time of lithification.

Metamorphic rock can also be radiometrically dated due to the fact that the extreme pressures and temperatures required to metamorphose rock change the crystal structure of individual minerals which allow daughter isotopes to escape the previously formed mineral.

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