Friend zone dating

Essentially, they are trying for the wrong person...This problem is easily remedied by picking potential lovers who are a better match - and more interested from the start.The "friend zone" refers to a situation where there is a mismatch in romantic feelings between two individuals.For example, sometimes this is a sexual attraction mismatch, where one person is interested in romance while the other wants to "just be friends".Overall, studies show that individuals who end up romantically linked over time tend to match in their general level of desirable characteristics. Well, sometimes a person is in the friend zone because they simply don't "match" the individual who they are trying to be more-than-friends with.They are just too dissimilar to ever really have a mutually-satisfying and equal relationship.At other times, the friends are already sexually involved (i.e.

Understanding the problem can help with the solution...In a nutshell, the friend zone person sold himself or herself short. One of the reasons people end up being "just friends" is that they are simply not attractive to the other person they desire.They gave their "friend" everything, without making sure they got everything they wanted in return. They only create feelings of Attachment/Comfort around them (like a good friend), without any Attraction, Lust, or Seductive feelings.Fortunately, people can learn to be more attractive physically (see here) and psychologically (see here).They can work to groom better, get nicer clothing, improve their body language, and get in better shape.

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