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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Tliia visit ol' h'u [• Italy in of great importsace, aa it excrciaed a marked infloenos on Mb writinge, and eiubl M d H to onderstand llm dovolopment of his gonins. And diatoned firam melodye, Oontrove he wolde, and foule fiorle^ With hompypea of Comewayle. C5 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^BHIH^H ^ 44 ^ (Jtomftun* of t9e (^oefc ff Mowrta A man spoken of Icciorj-a (iflo Detb Qced with the ttronee wallo. Jtl UKFOBh bodi Mtice tbeo wlthoale, And Biaka thy bodj- unto bim loate, tla^ berto a* bard atf dyamuiuit^ 4.1S5 Fur po tnauafs Uuit It may diya. Porif ymir tgodowiilol Ipee, 44« I mote be deed ; I may not cbese. da I»rrlii ; iind fccffiw l*a wvrk (i/ Jean de Uon B.l Allaa, in vanhope r— nay. If Hope me t Ule, than am 1 4t\^ Un Kiao JDoe and unworthy 1 In Hope I wo L oomforted lie, For Lovo, whan he bltaneht hir me, Soide, that Hope, wbar-eo I go Sbnldo ay be relees to my wo. 1374, Mia eondnct dutiog this nu Mion to Italy met vitli tlio fall appron U of tlio king, who, on tho oe Ubratiou of the great festivid at Wiudaor nn St. ho was uppointol to the important ofllce of Comptroller of the Co Btoms and Uubsidy of Wools, Skins, and Leather, for the port of London ; and a few days hiter (Jane i,(l received a Ufo' pension of lal. Indloetiva, ift Similar oantraotloiu an oonmum ; hence AH means 'hldath'; rit maani* ridjatli *U,'Bitteth'; l\ pt. 4J l'u in bim and in tbe n Hc, Tti M bat yoa fwal, which hi Tn doth clou, Cpen. myn tumo dere 1 Thoo^h tbu Q hv Dow a priaonure T Kr|ia atta i Htc thjn bcrte to mc, Ind m Cr B not that it daunted be ; 4380 Ni^ lat not j Bloasye, in hin isfr B. And if that thou foryete in», Uyn berte ihal never in lyking be ', Nut elloa-where flnde folace. Bat what and she my bnlia bote, And lie to maeniteisand wmia} She ie in no-tbing f Ol certoyn. It is hi^ily probable that he owed this layonr to * the good qneen Anne,' first wife of king Richard II. Of tiling to Domen she wool riubt nouicbt Thrrfure. He ■ejrle, " la Ihit&k I ihal It t»ke, And higb Dikiiter oek Ihee make. To Bialacoll lave I myn herta Al boo], wit Lonta departing'. Which itood in greet perpieiito, That was poaibed in ev Biy ndo. S Lon bib Ju Ui k Us to gwu lolawe;, Xst it U t Lay of $^ci Iff, u~]uim Otuii M cnnith, mui md wyf, "lit wnm Bl T *erks B««7a luttore. -Jia I alia hem vrccchiafalle of wo, 4775 Itrrw gmeth bom oud ihesdith an, Dal U tho K volt wel Love e Echewo. ; for, in the Prologne to the Legend of Good Women, probably written during this period of his sewly^acqnired fireedom firom irksome duties, he expresses himself most grate- Ib Uy towards her. pa-) can be prefixed to att^ pp., and Stnog Terfaa aanatly Axm vowel-ohauge ; tbtia bigan (44) is tbe pt t. te lu Me that thia ia not a anre guide ; for nuip Mii: mif H4l K(nniall T); -«(tii wnneinak Tarbi). if U be wyaly eonsht, Kir coiuuei Uei foly ii to lakci Tnr mim. wbon siio wo A li U gijod Bilc^ioniii, I ili«l« 4 i ws ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^H^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H l^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^llii^l^H 46 ^e IJtomaunf of 10t (Bosc (nua Hnvra That aftirward thor ili&l In dedo That now is lorn, without lesl Dg. Or doublenewe of repenting.' Coment Raisoun Tient a Ii'ai Tlitu aa I made my passage In cumpleynt, and in truel rage, And I foist wber to finde a locbe That contlio nnto myu helping edia. That I nlit where 1 might abrde, TU ihe, demurely sad of chere, Seide la me as she com nere ; — ■ Uyn owne freend, art tbe F ' Tboa aer Teit a nu noble lord, Tliat maketfa tbaa dual for tby reward, Which ay ranewith thy torment, 4(141 With foly aa lie hath thee blent, Thou fella in mlsobeaf thilke day. N no molie 1 lora, dc have no core 4770 "I fluhfl M Lo VDi ■erraaati boon, i^'l mil tiul Uj my connael flesn. I^r to laaf « out of hia niewe, lull Bi'u battir eoiui Ml nu^ Ibun Uki! arrangement, A 3012 ; provision, B 250 ; orderly arrangement, A 2567 ; consideration, 18. From 1370 to 1386, Chaucer was attached to the court, and employed in frequsnt diplomatic services. And alao to the tother three He went ftil ofke, for to aoe. Civ t not wel to have diattes9e, Uluui fklie, thnrgh hti wikkedncao, And tnitonrs, tbut am envyoiu, 4. A, Bia Udoil I ttd wul I nee, That they bem shape to diieeyve thco, Tu make thee bniom to bir lawo. In December, 1373, being employed in the king's service, he left England for Oeno A, FSas Kod Florenoe, and remained in Italy for nearly eleven months, but wo Bgaiu ficil him in London on Sovember ii, 137J. Whan hia lot waa to wake a-night, Hia inatrumentia wolde he dight, 4240 For to blowe and make eoun, Ofter than he hath encheaoun ; And walken oft upon the wal. Ful narwe aerohen and eapye ; 4245 Though he nought fond, yit wolde he lye^ Diaoordannt ever fro armonjre. He wolde a^yn, with notea newe, That he [ne] fond no womman trewe, Ke that he aaugh never, in hia lyf; 4J55 Unto hir huabonde a trawe wyf ; Ka noon so tal of Koneatee, That aha nil lani^ and maiy be Whaa that iha herath, or may eqpye. Mt tbo Q do not as I uy ; I tlrado tbon ran«t iri* gn M mi Mgnr, ~l.4t tbii B MDtiri Mi DHi art far mo f «4i» 1 .! And vrith Mr corda then to drain Wber-ao hem Inat, right at hir ' I drode they have Uioe bnmght Witbonte comfort, tbonght me sleethi Tbs M game wol bringe me to my dee Ut.

We learn incidentally, firom a note to the Envoy to Scogan, L 45, that he was living at Greenwich at the timo when he wrote that poem (probably in 1593). enda in -ad* (rarely -ed), -d F, -te, -t, 1 * that Uia Baal •* i* hare extremely common, bat It doaa not appear In the pp. that enda in .«■ or -a, whioh nsver appears in ; l U bit or third paraoo ^m^i Oar of tha paat tanae, Sx, went-*, 3 p. k, 78, is tnak paat tcnae ; elo-d, 103, i« a weak pp Conveiaely, y-rtmn^, 8, ii a strong pp. His ganmdial inflnt Ura liaa (0 arjbr to prallzad, and o A duiot«a pnipoa*. mp[illly, 4;to For many tymes I lis TO it Been, Bat Bial Acoil [mfty] lon Md be. Wban thou bicam hia liege man, Tbuu diditt a grct fuly than ; Thon wisteat not what fel therlo, With uhat lord Ihon haddiat to nor half a day, m boor withonte dulay, a fti] of Bbonrsa. V/n har M forystilb thiirot rl Kht nooglit, :^ ia^ w KUn Ln my ihoucbt 1 Bot tu my-flilf leweditt un I. Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. The Compleint of Chancer to his Empty Parse .126 XX. Inntonncmoa to tii M.111 op Liw'i Pbolo The Pntlogae of the Uuuiei Tale of Lave The Tale o( the Uim at Lnwe Cordtnta. The Wife of Bftth's Prologue 565 The TRleoftho Wyf of Bathe 576 The Friar's Prologno 581 The Freres TUo 58J The Somnoar's Prologue 587 The Somnonrs Tale 588 QKorp E. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Prorerhe 126 XXL Against Women Unoonstant 127 XXIL An Amorons Compleint (Compleint Damonrs) • '7 XXIIL A Balode of Compleynt 129 XXIV. The Clerk's Prologae 596 The Clerkcs Tale 597 The Merchant's Prologue 612 The liarohantes Tale 613 Epilogue to the Marchantes Tale 637 Gaoi-p F. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

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