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"We often will see these symptoms more commonly in women carrying twins, where the hormone levels are higher." The h CG hormone is produced by cells in the placenta after an egg has been fertilized and gestation has begun, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Hinkle and her colleagues speculate that nausea and vomiting might be indicators of viable placental tissue -- in other words, placental tissue that's not releasing enough hormone would fail to make a pregnant woman sick, and also would indicate a troubled pregnancy.

Among the women, 188 pregnancies (nearly 24 percent) ended in loss, the investigators found.

At week two of gestation, nearly 18 percent of women reported nausea, and about 3 percent reported nausea with vomiting.

Jennifer Wu, an obstetrician-gynecologist with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.If you have long, curly and frizzy hair, you’re also likely to encounter more than your fair share of snags.“The curly nature of the hair means that there is a much greater chance for individual fibres to become meshed together,” explains Steve Shiel, Director of Scientific for L’Oréal UK & Ireland.Morning sickness often is cited as a sign of a healthy pregnancy, but little is known about it, Hinkle and other experts said.For example, the exact cause of morning sickness remains elusive, and experts are unsure whether it is just a side effect of pregnancy or serves some specific purpose.

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