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Also it would make sense to have those who liked you, be removed from your likes when you find them and reject.Nice try, but only an idiot wouldn’t be able to tell from a blurry image if they’re one of the likes.You can strike up a conversation with someone you’re interested in without letting all the excuses that would normally hold you back, stop you.Online dating throws all of those excuses out the window because every dating site has you fill out a profile when you join so you have tons of things that you can use to start a conversation.Online dating gives you a quick alternative and introduces you to loads of single people in your area that you may have never met otherwise.

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Even if it shows what I’ve set the filters to, I’ll still get girls in say, San Francisco and although I’m in California too, that’s still well over say a 50 mile radius from me.

Your online profile gives you an opportunity to express yourself, what you’re all about and what you’re looking for.

Online dating gives you an alternative way to meet new people outside of the typical bar and club scene.

When responsibilities pile up at work or home, it’s easy to be consumed by everything going on and put your social life on hold, not to mention your dating life.

Thanks to online dating, you no longer have to do that.

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    You may ask: but is it possible and how can I do that?

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    The Tinder Playbook has adapted proven dating strategies to the online world and given men a step-by-step guide through uncharted terrain.