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• Regret – After the cybersexual experience, the users experience a period of deep regret.

Once they climax, the addict feels guilt or shame for the behavior such as, “I feel guilty for how this is hurting my wife” or “I can’t believe I wasted all this time,” or “I am a horrible person for what I just did.” • Abstinence – The addict views the behavior as a personal failure of willpower and promises never to do it again, and a short period of abstinence follows.

Recovery means relearning how to use the Internet in order to make better choices about time spent online, with success being measured through objective, measurable time management goals and abstinence requirements that are achieved and maintained.

Goals should include a reduction in the number of hours you spend online in total, the ability to maintain abstinence from adult online content, and an increase in other offline activities.

As in food addiction, certain types of food trigger binge behavior.

Let’s say chocolate or potato chips will trigger binge behavior but celery sticks will not, so avoidance of those “trigger” foods is a necessary part of recovery.

Second, the addict must abstain from sexual material online.

In this case, it means removing all the bookmarks and favorites leading to these sites, adding filters that prohibit sexual material from getting through the browser, or possibly changing the entire Internet Service Provider (ISP) system to one that is family friendly.

A particular chat room, a certain time of day, or the mood you are in just before you go online may all serve as “triggers” that will lead to inappropriate conduct and abuse.The relapse process is especially difficult for the cybersex addict due to the stop-start relapse cycle.The cycle is an internal dialogue that serves to maintain the compulsive behavior.Recovery from food addiction is about relearning how to eat in order to make more informed and healthier food selections, with success being measured through objective goals such as changes in caloric intake and weight loss.To address cybersexual abuse and addictive behavior, the same basic steps are applied.

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