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Ink analysis expert consulting may provide insightful information for cases involving such areas as forensic document examination, patent law, ink differentiation and dating, forensic handwriting analysis, digital printing and imaging, and other such issues, each of which may become highly relevant in the event of potential litigation.

Ink analysis experts are often asked to provide an expert opinion concerning the authenticity of one or more signatures on an important document, as the ink analysis process may reveal the use of fraudulent documents, forgeries, or other type of misrepresentation.

An elderly lady had passed away leaving two natural children and an adopted son.

Most of the family “recalled” the decedent leaving each child 1/3 of the Estate.

Such transfers will occur only when inks are freshly applied.For example, if transfers of ink are found on several pages of a diary, it indicates that the corresponding entries on the diary were made in a single sitting, not over a longer period as suggested by the dates.Ink and Toner Intersections – When a signature (or a handwritten notation) intersects a printed text on a document, a forensic document examiner may be asked which came first, the text or the signature (handwritten notation).Southworth has received numerous calls asking if we can determine when a particular sheet of our paper was made. Dawson wrote the following article explaining first hand how important a date-coded watermark can be.On approximately half of the calls we receive, we identify that the paper was made after the document states it was written. One of the questions a forensic document examiner is asked to solve many times is the age or common origin of two or more sheets of paper.

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