Double your dating recommended books

The name of this next book is really terrible, but it is by far the best read for all men on the subject of attracting to women.

My all time greatest read, I have read it 5 times, love it and love the attitude of the author, he doesn’t write about tricks and scams and putting women down, this book is about elevating yourself and behaving like an attractive man.

Overall, in his huge bestseller, Harvey provides an effective crossover between actual dating and successful relationships.

As a matter of fact, I’m not aware of a single major title I haven’t read.And it might have the best dating advice you could ever receive: by Steve Harvey Summary | Kindle | Print |Audiobook Two caveats: while Harvey proposes a 90 days no sex rule, I believe long waiting times are unhelpful.Steve also caters to more traditional men who want to be providers. That being said, Harvey has boatloads of dating wisdom and introduces one groundbreaking concept: The It says that men need to reach their minimum life goals of income/career before they can fully focus on a woman.They will not only make you better at dating, but they will teach you more about relationship, life and psychology.If you feel it’s too much to chew on at first, check out my women’s dating guide.

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