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0# Diablo 3 Known Errors and Issues You can track of other known errors and issues with This Thread.

1# ATI 1.24 Catalyst Visual Effects Fix Download and install the latest Catalyst 12.4a driver hotfix if you experience any graphics issues with your ATI card. While you shouldn’t experience any compatibility issues with Diablo 3, running Diablo 3 Tools in Compatibility Mode (XP SP3) may help when all else fails.

In those case, try the following steps: Windows 26# Error: BLZPTS00002 If you receive this error, retrieve ‘diablo3_enus’ file from C:\Program Data\Battle.net\Setup and paste it to another location.

Now run this setup file as admin and it should check for updates and fix any issues you are experiencing.

Wait for a while and try again, it should be fixed.

Exit Diablo III before changing Parental Controls to fix this error.

28# Blackscreen with Sound in the Background At login screen, in the options menu, lower the resolution and try again.

18# Error 24000 You may run into this error while attempting to run the game after logging in.Diablo 3 launched on PC today and if you were expecting a smooth launch day ride, you are in it for a surprise.Technical issues were bound to pop-up and they did, while some of them just require you to use your common sense, some of these can only be fixed following a thought-out workaround.Re-download the game and let the launcher install it.11# Diablo 3 Error 3003 If you can’t get the game to switch to your location automatically when you log in, just manually enter your location. 13# Diablo 3 Error 37 It happens when there are too many players trying to log-in; more players than Blizzard servers can handle at time.

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