Dhcp not updating reverse lookup zone

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I’m creating a record for IP, with the hostname of pc1.

Back in the DNS console I can see the PTR record listed.

The setting with some additional info: Although the policy came through just fine, even after a reboot, my client was not registering his PTR record…

So I used my 24/7 available free of charge consultant-helpline called google.

This may be the case for systems with static IP addresses like servers.

Right click the zone and select “New Pointer (PTR)”Enter the Host IP Address and Host name fields and click OK.

For example, I can look up the IP and see that it resolves to the hostname “nodaway”.Once clients start dynamically updating their DNS the PTR records should start populating.You can also manually create PTR records for systems that are not configured to dynamically update. This is only needed if a system is not configured to dynamically update.You can read more about this in my DNS Best Practices guide.These steps are very similar across other all server versions server versions (2008, 2012).

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