Day dating ideas

It’s a great rainy day activity that doesn’t cost anything!(As long as you don’t get persuaded to take home a new friend! This date can even be done early morning before work and school!It will be even more fun if you get a little “lost” at one point and need to consult the map! Most cities have one nowadays and they are so much fun for kids and adults alike.

Make dainty sandwiches and break out the china cups for a real British tea experience!

If hammers and screws aren’t your forte, how about painting a birdhouse for the yard?

You can pick up unpainted ones up for cheap at the dollar store then paint them in the backyard.

Grab a hotdog and get there early to soak up the crowds. TIP: Bring a ball or bubbles to play with afterwards.

My daughter absolutely loves tailgating (or at least, walking around and counting how many TVs in trucks she can spy! Grab your bikes and head to the park for a fun lunch date. Pitch a tent in the backyard and settle down for the night.

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