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I suppose she told you about our sizeable donation? Because of that donation, they'll hang a picture of you in the monkey house. At the worst you forget your speech and we don't get any donations. Over the years Sydney has become a part ofthe family. Thank you all for your tremendous support, and enjoy the evening. Bonnie Hunt directed the film, helped write the screenplay, and appears in a supporting role.

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She's also reluctant to get into the dating scene, despite the urging of her friend Megan (Hunt), due to self-consciousness over the scar on her chest following the operation. Bob is grieving and lonely, prompting his friend Charlie (Grier) to set him up on a blind date.

Travelling, painting in Europe and dating handsome men!

I didn't see you or I would have stopped and said hello.

Bob Rueland (Duchovny), a Chicago architect, is married to Elizabeth (Richardson), a zoologist.

After Elizabeth is killed in an auto accident, her heart is transplanted to artist Grace Biggs (Driver), who's near death from the congenital heart disease she's suffered since she was a teenager.

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