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The most celebrated is the French Revolutionary calendar French Revolutionary calendar,the official calendar of France, Nov. (The classic work on chronology is that of the Benedictines, first published in 1750, L'Art de vérifier les dates des faits historiques [the art of verifying the dates of historical acts].) For the method of computing years from a fixed point (e.g., the birth of Jesus and the Hegira), see eraera,period of historic time. Fundamental to this accounting is a calendrical system that takes into consideration the irregular manner in which days, months, and years fit together.


This fourth year with its intercalary day is the leap year.There were, therefore, various efforts to reconcile the count in solar, lunar, and semilunar calendars, from the Egyptians and the Greeks to the Chinese and the Maya.The prevailing modern method of constructing a calendar in the Christian West came originally from the Egyptians, who worked out a formula for the solar year (12 months of 30 days each, five extra days a year, and an extra day every four years) that was to be adopted later by the Romans.Hence the seasons and months have no connection, and there are about 33 years to every 32 Gregorian years. [Anno Hegirae=in the year of the Hegira Hegiraor Hejira[Ar.,=Hijra=breaking off of relations], the departure of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca in Sept., 622. This calendar was carefully calibrated, but the year was never readjusted to the error in its length; instead, the feasts and dates were adjusted to the calendar. All calendars are based either on the motion of the Sun (solar calendar), or of the Moon (lunar calendar), or both (lunisolar calendar) so that the length of the year corresponds approximately to either the tropical (solar) year or the lunar year.The months are Muharram (30), Safar (29), 1st Rabia (30), 2d Rabia (29), 1st Jumada (30), 2d Jumada (29), Rajab (30), Shaban (29), Ramadan (the fast, 30), Shawwal (29), Dhu-l-Kada (30), and Dhu-l-Hijja (month of the pilgrimage, 29 or 30). Muhammad was a monotheist and preached against the polytheism of the Meccan religion...... The Aztec Aztec, Indian people dominating central Mexico at the time of the Spanish conquest. Their complexity results primarily from the incommensurability of the natural periods of day, month, and year: the month is not a simple fraction of the year and the day is not a simple fraction of the month or the year.

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