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The of the southwest regard domestic duties as the preserve of women, while many women engage in farming and trade.

This decree also recognized monogamy as the only legal form of marriage and allowed couples to marry without parental consent.

Females between 15 and 24 saw their illiteracy rate drop from 60 percent to 41 percent in this period 35 percent to 26 percent for males.

In 1987 about one-sixth of the students at the National University of Ivory Coast were women, and the number of women in the salaried work force had also increased.

Manie Malone — Beautiful Ivorian Actress Birth Name: Manie Malone Date of Birth: 1981 Place of Birth: Ivory Coast Nationality: Ivorian naturalized French Occupation: Actress, model Height: 1.

Detailing forced contracts as long as two years paid only at the end of contract in Cote d'Ivoire, Congo and Madagascar for cotton plantations, forestry, and public works.

This might lessen the need for women to go to school. With the right circumstances in place, these women have an excellent chance of bringing back order and content.

At the grassroots, women played an active role in the independence struggle across French West Africa.

It has been argued that Ivorian cultures largely had a cultural bias against equality between the sexes, embodied in customary law and codified in the colonial period.

Extended families are extremely important, especially in the rural areas.

But you can choose to try to explain to them that you care about that person regardless of their race.

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