Dating vintage car radios

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Blaupunkt radios are considered by many to be the premier radio of the 1950's, 60's, and early 70's and most Porsche enthusiasts of this period consider the Blaupunkt, the radio of choice.

Blaupunkt Koln TR de Luxe US, AM/FM/Long Wave Automatic (transistor). Blaupunkt Stuttgart TR, AM/SW/Long Wave (transistor). Blaupunkt Frankfurt TR de Luxe, AM/FM/Long Wave (transistor). Certain model Blaupunkt Radios were made for more than one year and bear the same model number.

Blaupunkt Frankfurt TR de Luxe US, AM/FM/Long Wave (transistor). The distinction would be determined by the letter preceding the serial number is described in the prior section.

Blaupunkt offered many other models of auto radios, only the ones specifically offered by Porsche as factory accessories are listed below.

Dealers installed many other brands and models, including Becker radios, Bendix Sapphires, and others. Blaupunkt Stuttgart, AM/SW/Long Wave push button (transistor).

Blaupunkt Koln TR de Luxe, AM/FM/Long Wave Automatic (transistor). For example, a Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio with model number 7 639 670 was first manufactured in 1969 with the letter in the serial number being an "A".

Additional information will be presented on how to determine the age and year of manufacture of your Blaupunkt radio. These radios are the ones Porsche said it would offer as factory accessories, whether they ended up in your car or not is another matter.Blaupunkt Koln ATR de Luxe, AMkt Berlin ATR, AM/Long Wave (all-transistor).Blaupunkt Stuttgart TR, AM/SW/Long Wave (transistor). Blaupunkt Frankfurt TR de Luxe, AM/FM/Long Wave (transistor). Another way of dating a Blaupunkt radios is by looking at is model number.*Contact our toll-free expert line for JL Audio®, Wet Sounds®, Focal® and Rockford Fosgate® as we guarantee we will beat any other Authorized Retailer.Code: 19YEARS is for 10% off your purchase of select items.

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