Dating urii gatchina

As well as re-founding the city's kremlin, it is possible that Yaroslav Yaroslavich also ordered the establishment of the Otroch Monastery in the city.In approximately 1271 the Tver Eparchy was established being separated the Polotsk Eparchy.After this event both Mikhail and Yuri rushed to the Golden Horde.Yuri arrived first and was able to blame Mikhail for the death of the khan's sister. In 1318 after Mikhail has faced a month of imprisonment and torture, Yuri and Kavgadi decided to be rid of him once and for all and had their men kill him.

In 1549 Mikhail was canonised as St Michael (Mikhail) of Tver.Officially Tver is considered to have been founded in 1135 when guests from the city are mentioned in a document.However this date is not universally accepted by historians.Khan Uzbek ordered Prince Ivan Kalita of Moscow and Aleksandr Vasilievich of Suzdal to send a punitive campaign against Tver, which devastated the city and destroyed the kremlin.Aleksandr’s brother Konstantin became prince of Tver.

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