Dating someone with mob mafia connections

The brilliance of lyricist Bob Crewe (who was never part of the group) and composer Bob Gaudio (who was) ensured that the Four Seasons' catchy, distinctive sound has stayed part of the soundtrack to the lives of baby boomers, and even those of their children.

It's no surprise, then, that their songbook would transfer to the stage.

He has optioned the film rights for Jersey Boys, but told the group he would be happy to wait until the play has left theatres before shooting it.

As a teen Mc Laughlin was drawn to the mob and found a role model in Colombo family captain Greg Scarpa although he had other close New York mafia connections.

"I see whole families in the audience," says Valli.

"That just knocks me out."Steven Spielberg put it best.

It's no surprise that a quartet of Italian-American boys would be favourites with the Mob."Where I grew up, in New Jersey, there was a lot of organised crime activity," says Valli.

"It was a part of life." Gaudio adds: "I don't think anyone who was in the entertainment industry in the Sixties can say they've never rubbed shoulders with the Mob.

Quite simply the Seasons - their driving, insistent records powered by Frankie Valli's ferocious falsetto - overran the American hit parade."I think each time you see it, you come away with something different," says Valli.This may owe much to the structure of Jersey Boys, which examines the group's rise from blue-collar obscurity to international stardom through the eyes of each of its members: Valli, Gaudio, Tommy de Vito and Nick Massi.Each has things to say about the group's mercurial rise, the shifting allegiances between the four men, and the pressures that fame and fortune inevitably bring.As the show's tagline proclaims: "You ask four guys, you get four different answers."I meet Valli and Gaudio in London.

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