Dating services consumer complaints

Well, obviously not everyone will take the time to complain to the BBB.

Also, not all dating services belong to the BBB, so complaints would not be filed for them. I'm not totally sure but, after looking at other industries and companies in the BBB database and looking at the complaints, I feel online dating sites as a whole don't have any more complaints than any other industry on the internet.

When you measure this number against the 2,525 complaints, you get less than 0.4% of singles using dating sites actually complain to the Better Business Bureau.

This is a very, very, very small number of complaints.

A good start (besides reading our site and user reviews) is the Better Business Bureau.

From here you can search for the dating service to see if it belongs to the BBB.

For this reason some niche dating site owners may be making exaggerated marketing claims on their site to try and lure in paying members.

It is also pretty easy for any website to make itself appear a lot larger than it is, to trick people into a paying membership.

So what do my numbers not take into account (you are probably asking yourself)?Corey Hill joined the dating site last year, signed up for a six month subscription and met his girlfriend through the service.Hill said he didn’t need the service and didn’t plan on renewing his subscription but the company signed him up anyway through auto-renewal.The Better Business Bureau reports that the company lost its accreditation in July.Many of the complaints have to do with billing issues and people not being able to cancel their subscriptions.

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