Dating service for overweight people

I thought maybe attraction to plus size women was related to ethnicity and the idea that in the USA it’s common to see plus size women held up in the media as beautiful especially in the African American and Latin communities. The idea of a plus size woman being considered sexy in Australia doesn’t happen.We’re the ‘before’ on the Biggest Loser, the mum, the funny fat friend, the relatable mate but never the desired.

As soon as the wheels hit the tarmac an invisibility cloak descended over me and I was once again back to being undateable.

Being a ‘big girl’ in the USA isn’t a deal breaker by any means – it’s a descriptor, not an insult.

Some men like blondes, some like tall women, some are attracted to boobs, butts, brains, athletic types, and some like big girls, fat chicks, or plus size women. I kept wondering why American guys are so different to Aussie blokes when it comes to dating fat chicks and why in one country I’m kryptonite and the other I’m candy.

The fact that Australia doesn’t have a dating culture doesn’t help either.

Things are changing with loads of online dating sites and apps like Tinder but we still aren’t quite there yet.

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