Dating scam jeff stark dating agency and introduction agency

You may learn more about our attorneys by searching our attorney database.You may also choose a letter to view an alphabetical list of our attorneys.A real collection agency knows something about your debt, or else will contact the original creditor themselves for information it doesn’t have.A real collection agency will never tell you to contact the original creditor, for any reason.

A scammer will usually insist on payment in a single way, for example, only allowing you to pay by credit card over the phone and refusing payment by any other method.

Of course, collection agencies also want to be paid immediately.

But rarely will they threaten immediate punishment or similar action if a payment is not made by the end of the day.

It goes into the scammer’s pocket, as well as any other funds the scammer can access with the financial information you provide.

Here are some tips to help you determine whether there is a real collection agency on the phone, or a scammer.

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