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Michelle Rodriguez dating history has almost been as interesting as her acting career.

The self-acclaimed loner has not hidden the fact that she has itchy feet when it comes to romantic relationships.

But over the years, the pretty and free-spirited actress has had some interesting hookups with both men and women. She has been recognized for her work in the movie industry, including the Gotham Award for Best Debut Performance in her first role in, franchise, a role she has since reprised five more times.

Michelle is a beautiful Latina woman and she has drawn the attention of movie lovers across the globe.

After her brief time with fellow Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel, Michelle seems to have taken a break from relationships. Rodriguez is outspoken and one who will do what she feels is right.

In 2013, she was quoted as saying: “I’ve gone both ways.” She also revealed that she also finds men “intriguing”.

The spotlight intensified when they shared a kiss together. In November 2006, Rodriguez and her co-star on Kristanna Loken were rumored to be dating.

Some of Loken’s comments in an interview with The Advocate seem to confirm the idea of the pair being together.

Rodriguez and Efron started dating in June 2014 and despite the age difference they seemed to make it work for about two months splitting in August 2014.Her ancestry has links to three continents including Africa, Europe, and the Americas. She had seen an ad and at the auditions, beat a host of other people to the role available.She played the role of a teen who channeled her aggression by training at boxing.The following year, she described herself as being bisexual.Rodriguez in early 2000 broke off an engagement with an unnamed Muslim boyfriend citing issues regarding religious differences.

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