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I had some trouble in building this effect, in fact, I build two prototypes, because the first one became unuseable.I used TI's LM308N opamp, and Fairchild's 2N5458 Mosfet. After a lot of debugging I discovered that wiring the pots to the PC board (about 2 inches long) caused a lot of oscillation, noises and malfunction, just like having bad contact from hell! Soldering the pots straight to the PC board was the better way to avoid that.The no diode options it's amazing, simply tube-like boost. It's not clean, but has a little less distortion than the MOSFETS.However, without the diodes the volume output goes up dramatically, necessitating twiddling with the volume to keep from blowing your ears out.After fighting like mad with this issue for about two weeks, the effect sounded like (distorted) heaven! I built a heavily modded Rat on a tonepad board for a friend and he loves it.The RAT is best distortion effect in the world, in my opinion. It's a great platform to work on and the end result is killer. Etched my own board and finished it all in a weekend. Check out my instructable on how to build it at for the great layout!!! ive build this project for my band-mate for bass-guitar.This compensation cap is pretty important if you are using a non internally compensated op amp like the LM308.Try to get a value close to 30p F as specified in the datasheet.

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I found another cap labeled 15p F that measured at 24p F so I used that.I'm really happy with this pedal, it's not too too noisy now that I have it in its enclosure. Nathan Just a little correction and a few additional comments to my last RAT build report: The opamp used was Motorola's LM308AN, not TI (Texas Instruments).Also, I added a Millenium 2 PCB with LED indicator and DPDT true bypass switch (not the Geofex circuit, but the, instead).Es uno de los mejores pedales que es escuchado y lo mejor DIY ;)he usado el escurridiso LM308, y suea de lo mejor! Sin dudas uno de los mejores pedales de la Historia, no dudes en realizarlo, gracias Tonepad XDHi to everybody, I did a very interessting mod on my tonepad rat: a switch for Si diodes stock, Ge diodes, and no diode (boost). It was an easy build and gives the 80's hard rock sound perfectly. The MOSFET clippers give a more full range distortion without the bit of fuzziness that the stock diodes give.The LM308N tends to be a bit harshy and noisy with stock diodes, but germanium makes it more mid-boosted. With no clippers at all the sound is great and powerful.

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