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It was first located in Clinton, Iowa, where 150 employees started producing a 1.5-horsepower engine.Initial production was approximately 225 engines a week.One of the largest outlets for Clinton engines was the power lawn mower market — an estimated two-thirds of the corporation’s engines went into this field.In addition, Clinton also produced complete lines of chainsaws and air-cooled outboards from 3 to 9.9 horsepower engines at the Maquoketa, Iowa, plant.The saws were used in agriculture, home construction, and by utility companies for clearing land, landscaping, and cutting timber and pulpwood. In later years, Clinton accounted for one-third of all air-cooled engines sold under 10 horsepower overseas.In 1957, Clinton introduced its own line of 5-horsepower air-cooled outboard motors.In the late nineteenth century, Fairbanks Morse & Company continued to expand its now very diverse product line.

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In May 1966, Clinton received the coveted “E” Award for excellence in export from the President of the United States, the first engine manufacturer to be so honored.

Fairbanks-Morse 32-14 engine " data-medium-file=" w=375" data-large-file=" w=625" / By William Pearce In 1823, Thaddeus Fairbanks and his brother Erastus founded the E & T Fairbanks Company, which operated an iron foundry.

Here are the numbers off the tag: TYPE: LMC-165 NO.

9-15204 CODE: This spot was is blank Thanks Well, no one knows for sure since the Lauson records were not preserved; however my research leads me to believe that the LMC models were built from 1948 through 1951.

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