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His audiovisual use of information provided to him allowed him to connect quickly with the crowd of nearly 200, most of whom were teenagers.

John was warm, transparent, engaging, and extremely funny.

His comedy is a mix of commentary, story-telling, and clean humor.

He currently lives in downtown Wilmington, NC with his wife, Elizabeth and their two young children.

We hope to be able to work with John again one day.""John Felts was funnier than I expected! He studied our audience well to immediately engage at a personal level.

He had the grade school kids laughing with the white haired octogenarians. He did such a great job of connecting with them, making eye contact, and speaking to young and old as if he has known us for years.

After the show, John stuck around to meet students, take pictures, and speak with some of our leadership.

I have already recommended him to another nearby college, and look forward to bringing him back here one day.""John Felts was extraordinary. On the day of the event, he arrived early and was well-prepared for the event.

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After competing in and winning local comedy competitions, John discovered he had knack for telling jokes and stories that could draw a crowd of any age.We had such a good time with John, we would recommend him for any venue! He was friendly and professional, showed up early, and reminded me several times that he is flexible to work some things out. He did his research and connected with our students personally.Comedy is subjective, but we all had good belly laughs with John. He rolled with the crowd well and kept people laughing.His thoughtfulness to research our community and our school really showed his level of dedication to his client and his craft.It gave the performance a personal touch that was appreciated by everyone.

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