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This ensures that each knife performs perfectly for the longest possible time by retaining a fine, razor sharp cutting edge. The traditional knives are manufactured using 400 years' experience. These are good quality 18/10 stainless steel items.The plain edge knives are popular in the meat trade where their strength, sharpness and durability are perfect for the heavy use that these tradesmen employ every day. The Wavy Edge provides the perfect cutting edge profile for cutting items such as bread, gateaux and pastry products. Penknife, Phillips Screwdriver, Flat Screwdriver, Small Penknife, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Magnifying Lens. Fish Scaler, Saw, File, Watch Screwdriver, Corkscrew Point for Threading Cord. Some people call them "Sporks", some say "Buffet Forks". Party forks are combined knives, forks and spoons, all in one single piece.

This site offers a choice of classic and modern styles and patterns of cutlery (flatware), serving pieces, tableware and kitchen/bar accessories that would grace any home.

There are so many different hallmarks found on British silver that to know all of them would be impossible.

Fortunately, with the use of a single reference book, it is possible for even a complete novice to decipher the vast majority.

Engraving / Personalisation Service for items such as bowie knives, pocket knives, cutlery, goblets, cups, trophies, flasks, salvers, tankards, trays etc. Send us your old cutlery and we will have it repaired and refurbished.

We can engrave your own items as well as items bought from us. Trade in your old cutlery for 10% Off your brand new replacement order.

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