Dating brass dial clock

There is no other line like this anywhere in the industry.The 4-1/2 inch and 6 inch sizes are printed on aluminum and the 16 and 22 inch sizes are printed on1/8 inch Masonite (aka hardboard.). More Details » 4-1/2" edge to edge diameter one piece bezel. If you require convex or flat glass to fit just let us know and we will select one that fits properly. Use on German grandfather and grandmother movements. Polished brass finished lyres, plain bobs and rods. Anything from reverse (or Barbershop) dials to 24 hour military time dials to Day Of The Week, 31 Day Calendar and Thermometer dials.Some of these dials are printed on aluminum and the larger sizes (11-1/8 Inch) we print in-house on heavy gauge styrene with the time honored process known as Silk Screen printing.It has raised edges so that the brads or screws used will not come into contact with the dial.This raised edge also adds to the appearance of depth.

5-5/8” outside diameter with 4 mounting holes in rim.

This beautifully crafted solid brass bezel friction fits very well onto the raised edges of the steel back plate.

This avoids the expense of having to use a bezel with a hinge, which is not needed for battery operated or electric movements.

Gadbois lays out the entire process in a step-by-step easy to read format, materials list, and includes tips, tricks and a troubleshooting chapter with plenty of full color photographs throughout the book.

So went the lyrics of a song , written by Henry Clay Work, a songwriter not a clockmaker, in 1876, that was to change how America looked at tall-case clocks.

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