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Dating can on occasions be a bit of a jungle, so having someone who knows the market very well is very positive.

The downside of this highly personal level of service is that it can be expensive and particularly with London based dating agency’s, with fees often anything between £10,000 and £30,000 – this is your life partner that you’re seeking afterall, so it’s definitely not anything you should be doing on the cheap.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Geri Halliwell look set to follow in the footsteps of these famous figures.

Now, with Bowes-Lyon Partnership, elite London professionals can do the same.

In a world where we can’t open a Facebook feed without public proclamations of love, we’re here to reassure those looking for love that it’s still possible to maintain a modicum of privacy at every stage of the dating process.” Bowes-Lyon Partnership functions differently from many modern dating agencies, where clients sign up with a profile and search a database for compatible matches.

The private approach to dating has worked well for many who find themselves in positions of power or particular scrutiny.

Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an exclusive introduction agency which shuns public profiles and adopts a more low-key approach when match-making their elite clients.

In offering this kind of discreet service, the matchmaking experts cater to professionals who want to find a relationship without broadcasting it to their peers via a dating profile or an online notification.

Unwittingly I asked whether this was pounds or dollars.

One of the biggest advantages of being online is that you have the space to be discerning.

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