Dating a plain girl

Though many feminists attacked Gottlieb's advice, which basically encouraged females to reduce their dating criteria in the younger years, aka "settling," the pervading realities brought forth in her book are absolutely crucial for understanding the male mind.First of all, if you're wondering why men often prefer less attractive women, you need to explore the issue of what men consider attractive.Although some women feel that their 0 haircut and matte rouge lipstick increase their vampy appeal, some men are absolutely turned off by vivid makeup and coiffed looking hair. Very few men will be attracted to a women who is dirty and unkempt, but fresh-faced natural looks are typically the favorite of more serious men.You can check out this slideshow feature at, where men were asked to examine the makeup and hairstyles of common celebrities.Most people desire to enter relationships that will make them feel good about themselves.Much has been written in the past regarding the male ego, though the female ego is just as prominent and in need of watering.When you say average, I doubt most people have a good mental "image" but rather the generic concept of someone who isn't perfect in attractiveness but doesn't have so many flaws that she would be "ugly."Average is a large gray area.If we are to find examples, we skew our answer by thinking about it.

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Outside of Hollywood and the larger cities, the standards of what is considered attractive tend to differ.Both parties typcially enter a relationship for the mutual ego stroke.In short, as men grow older, many of them find themselves less beguiled by physical perfection, and instead, opt for less attractive women who make them feel comfortable and appreciated.Next time you encounter an average woman attached to a handsome man and wonder, "Why do men prefer less attractive women?", see if you can approach the two in conversation.

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